Do you want to ride your horse more effectively?

More effective riding is kinder to your horse and will make for a happier ride for both you and the horse.

In movement terms humans are, by design, wired to survive or to be motivated by task completion, not by efficiency. 

“we get the task done but not optimally”

This is also very true of horse riding. If you are not moving well off the horse the body adapts the same way on the horse.

Understanding your seat and having an effective seat can be two totally different things.

The following things can arise from poor movement off the horse:

  • Riding with stiffness or even pain
  • Knee gripping, an unstable lower leg feet flapping
  • Bouncing in the saddle during sitting trot
  • Frustrated with your movement or riding progression
  • Legs look uneven in the saddle even though the stirrups are the same length
  • Easier to leg yield on one side than the other
  • Inability to keep your heel down
  • If you have fallen off and not been checked out by a health professional

You are 50% of the riding partnership so don’t let your horse down by your poor movement patterns.

The latest research from the UK shows that exercises alone will not fix movement issues.  Don’t fall into the trap of doing things without further assessment. Find out what works best for you and your horse.

Working together (with your riding instructor if you have one) you will gain an understanding of how your riding is being influenced by your health

We will cover:

  • How well your body is working (digestion, hydration, body composition, pH, minerals analysis)
  • Full body movement assessment
  • How effective your muscles are (how well the joints and muscles work) including the core or areas that need addressing.
  • How to address these issues off the horse – by reprogramming the muscles that are not working effectively, through both specific soft tissue work and corrective exercises, (both are always needed)
  • Addressing any health issues such as dehydration mineral deficiency (theses affect your movement)
  • Ensuring the body has the capacity to control your core and independently move your arms and legs which enhances the effectiveness of your aids.
Even if you are not experiencing issues from an injury, there’s always room to improve. How far could you go, if you were able to improve the way you speak to your horse through better movement. Your frustrations will reduce and the connection with your horse will grow and so will your enjoyment and riding.

Through a comprehensive health and movement package that takes a look at your individual needs with this whole body assessment you will start to understand your unique body’s needs to get the most out of your riding for you and your horse.

Gold Package

Three months coaching with weekly appointments. Bring your saddle for an off horse assessment.

Silver Package

Three months coaching with
Fortnightly appointments

Bronze Package

Three months coaching with monthly appointments.

All levels include a BodyMOT which covers the following:

  • Movement
  • Breathing
  • Posture Assessment
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Corrective exercises
  • Mineral analysis
  • Digestion assessment
  • Hydration
  • Ph and body composition

Curious about your Movement

Book a one off movement screen and follow up assessment