My Services

My training and expertise enables me to take a whole person approach, providing the wider overall picture of your health and body needs.  This enables identification of any weak links that may reduce your health and energy, and decrease your performance and enjoyment, now or in the foreseeable future.

I offer Wellness Coaching as a qualified health and performance coach and aromatherapist.

In life we are faced with many daily challenges that can impact of our health, including:

  • Long hours at work/shift work
  • Low resistance – always catching colds and any bug that’s around
  • Over-busyness limiting restorative relaxation – transporting the children, sports and commitments supporting family members…
  • Exposure to chemicals and toxins
  • Processed foods

all of which can create havoc with your health.

Below is a list of services I offer – starting with the ultimate full assessment, BodyMot.  BodyMot consists of a wide range of different assessments, each of which can be done separately.

Please note: If you select a single assessment to begin, you may upgrade to the more cost-effective BodyMot Coaching Package after 1 or 2 individual assessments.

BodyMot Coaching  Packages

with report $300 / without report $200 (allow 60-90 mins)
follow up sessions$95 (allow 45-60 mins)

Working with me and using the BodyMOT systems helps you understand your own body’s needs and the drivers to any poor health or performance issues you may have.

I can help you move well, eat well and live well. Come and discover if your body is holding you back and stopping you being the best you can be!

This package includes: (see descriptions below)

  • Mineral assessment
  • Digestion assessment
  • Bodystat health assessment – body composition, hydration wellness marker, the balance wellness scan, urine analysis, saliva pH, lung capacity and blood pressure
  • Movement screen

I recommend a follow up (the first session is a benchmark to work from) session 2-6 weeks after initial report to see progress  and adjust if necessary.


Taster:BodyMOT assessment plus one follow up personalised wellness coaching session $395 l
Baseline: 3 month Bodymot Coaching package

Bodymot report plus 2 monthly follow up wellness sessions  (Normal price) $490 package $475
3 month BodyMot Coaching package

Bodymot report plus 5 follow ups wellness sessions             (Normal price) $775 package $650
The ultimate game change packages

6 month BodyMot Coaching 
Bodymot report plus 5 monthly session                                 (Normal price) $775 package  $675

6 month Body mot coaching package
Report plus 9 sessions                                                           (Normal) price $1155 package $899

Mineral Testing$95 (allow 30-45 mins)

Minerals are tiny nutrients in foods that are vital for health and are key to ensuring our bodies thrive with today’s busy lifestyles. Mineral deficiency can have significant negative health implications and may be related to how your body absorbs it or high utilization rather than low dietary intake.

Many people know that low zinc (quite common in New Zealand) can affect such things as immune system, hair & nails, and cognitive health.  But did you know that it can contribute to high blood pressure?

Are you getting enough of key minerals? Too much? This is also detrimental.

Balance is key to maintaining a healthy body,

Digestion Assessment$95 in person, $45 online email (allow 45-60 mins)

Gut health is a really hot topic!

Hippocrates (460-370BC) in ancient Greece said, “all diseases begin in the gut”. Now, after extensive research over the past two decades has confirmed that a dysfunctional gut can be a factor in a wide range of diseases, this is again being at least acknowledged by much of the medical profession.

Using your wellness log and digestive health questionnaire, I work alongside you to help you understand your digestive system and put in lifestyle changes that work for you, to improve your gut health.  This involves a good eating plan for long term health and may include supplementation and essential oils.

It all starts in the gut: We are not just what we eat but also what nutrients we absorb!!

These are some signs that your gut is being compromised:

  • Constipation/loose stools
  • Burping/acid reflux/farting/bloating
  • Feeling sluggish/joint aches
  • Moodiness
  • Unexplained weight changes

Bodystat Health Assessment – $95 (allow 30-45 mins)

This gives you a good overall picture of how your body is composed and the key information needed to manage your health. It covers:

  • Hydration (diet, activeness, environment & disease affect hydration needs)
  • Lean muscle mass (which is important for long term health)
  • Fat mass (weight alone isn’t a good indicator for health)
  • Health markers (cellular health is the base of wellness, predicting disease & aging)

The rigid testing requirements ensure repeatability and valid benchmark comparisons.

Movement Screen$150 initial appointment (allow x mins); $95 follow-ups (allow x mins)

This review identifies and helps eliminate sub-optimal movement and performance.

It involves whole-body screening: looking at muscles, joints and nerves assessing how well they are functioning and a corrective exercise program to rebalance the body to get you moving freely.

Ask yourself: How well do you move? Are you in pain or have stiff joints? Has your sports performance plateaued?

Zyto Balance Wellness Scan with Essential Oil coaching (oil plan included)$95 (allow 45-60  mins) follow up sessions from $25

Zyto balance wellness scan is an advanced decision support software-based system that utilizes galvanic skin response (an established technology to measure electrical conductivity of the skin similar to a lie detector test). It establishes a base response then assesses 171/172 biomarkers via your hand.

The scan report shows parts of the body that may be working hard, that may be creating the load or need support.  This information is used in the consultation process to assess how to improve your wellness and support you (or your family member), both physically and emotionally.  You will leave having an understanding of the oils needed to support your health.

Essential Oil Treatments Aromatouch and Symphony of Cells$95, 3 sessions for $240, 5 sessions for $375 (must be taken within 3 months)

Essential oils are  highly concentrated plant extracts (natural chemicals), they make up the plants defence system, Each oil has its own special chemistry so will support the body its unique way, from the mind to promote relaxation; increasing positive feelings; the immune function and helping protect against environmental or seasonal threats; promoting optimum digestion; metabolism or easing the occasional stomach upset and supporting joint and muscle function.

Aromatouch is a simple yet powerful essential oils treatment using four oils and four oil blends of doTERRA Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils . The oils are applied to the spine and feet promoting a feeling of wellness and relaxation.

Symphony of cells is an oils layering treatment along the spine, the protocols have been designed by Boyd Trueman to support emotional balance, cardiovascular system, cellular heath, digestion, hormone balance and many more supporting the mind and body. If you are relatively healthy then the protocols treatment is ideally performed 1-3 treatments per month for support. If your body is needing lots of support, you would start with 2 treatments per week for the first couple of weeks then to ongoing support 1-3 treatments per month. (packages are available). Bring your mind and body in-tune. The specially selected oils support the body to help manage the feelings of stress, support the immune system and treat inflammation creating balance in the mind and body.

Neuromuscular Movement Assessment with Massage treatment – $95 60mins; $50 30 mins

This is a highly specialised form of soft tissue therapy to relieve pain and return the body to normal function. Using specific massage techniques (this may include essential oils) to address postural issues, stiffness and pain to targeted areas of the body.