About Intrinsic Performance

Welcome to Intrinsic Performance. I’m Teresa Dixon, and I’ve set 20 years in the health and performance industry. I’m one of a kind here in New Zealand – I’m the only one who is trained as a BodyMOT Coach! I’m enthusiastic about how the body works to optimise health and improve performance. I love to empower my clients with this knowledge, to help them thrive.

The body is a big group of cells and systems working together to perform tasks (digestion movement emotional balance etc) so cellular health is the key to making an effective long term change in reducing disease.

Helping someone change their health is extremely rewarding and it is my belief that we have to find your drivers of poor health.

Our coaching process will then be driven by the different methods of Transformation (MOT) to improve your systems eg. digestion movement etc.  Having scientific measurable and repeatable testing is a fantastic tool that the BodyMOT give us to make this process accurate and repeatable.

About BodyMOT


BodyMOT Coaching is about using science to assess how well your body is working as well as highlighting areas of weakness that may reduce your capacity to live life to the max.

If you are feeling tired, always catching a cold, have aches and pains or are generally stiff and your body stops you doing what you want it to, BodyMOT Coaching could be the answer.

As a coach I help my clients define and commit to their journey enabling me to guide and support them to achieve their mental health and wellness goals. Unfortunately humans don’t come with a manual and one-size definitely does not fit all.

Why have a BodyMOT


BodyMOT gives you a unique view of your wellbeing. This allows me to give you strategies to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

You will receive a personalised plan to help you:

  • Gain better nutrition and hydration
  • Improve your sleep
  • Find the right essential oils for you
  • Improve your movement
  • Increase your vitality