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  • Maybe you’ve got niggles in your shoulder/hip/back… 

  • Maybe you’re a little bit stiff when you wake up in the morning…

  • Maybe you’re looking into December and the busy, stressful season (at the end of a busy stressful year) and hoping your body will hold up!  

    All good. I’ve got you.  Ten days (and only minutes every day) and you’ll be on the right path to moving well for life. 

    These ten days are for you.  

    You’ll understand more about how you move, and how your breathing helps.   

    You’ll leave with improved posture – even after ten days – and the tools to move freely and confidently into summer.

Who is the 10 day challenge for?

Anyone wanting to improve how they move- at home, at the gym, on a horse, in competitions, wherever.

Those that have stiffness or soreness holding them back from doing the things they love

People worried about getting old and still keeping moving (and that could be you at 30!!)

People who want to put their health first this Christmas

How much does it cost?

The 10 day challenge is free but is worth $150 

Will I need to attend all 10 days?

 Yes!  If you want to see real improvements, commit and get great benefits from the challenge.

How long will it take?

10-15mins minimum per day

How does it work?

First up, you’ll send me a posture picture and some wellness information – so we can track your changes.  Then there’s a live 10-15 min zoom every day for us to go through the daily challenge, and for you to chat with me and the others in your community

Do I have to attend the live zoom?

Yes if you want personal support from me. But you don’t have to – it will be recorded if you miss a session

Do I need to take a posture photo?

It’s not compulsory but it’s a great way to see how you have changed (and only you and I will see it)

Do I need any fancy equipment?

No just you wearing clothes you can easily move around in

Will I get sweaty?

Not unless you choose to

When are the zoom classes?

Each day at 6.30 am and Saturday and Sunday at 7.30 am

How will I join the session?

Once signed up you will be sent a link with the details

If I have health issues can I take part?

Yes once your GP or specialist thinks it’s safe to do so

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How does the 10 day challenge work?

Sign up by the 30 November


Once you have signed up and committed to 10 days of moving and improving your posture and health, you will receive an email with the instructions for the 10 day challenge, and zoom links for the sessions. 

You will have the option to fill out a wellness questionnaire and submit a photo for your posture analysis.

There will be a link to a private Facebook group for you to chat with  likeminded movement orientated people.

Day 10 we will redo the posture assessment photo and celebrating celebrate our 10 days of movement

The videos or PDF’s of the exercises will be ON SALE at a greatly reduced cost.

Signup to my Move Well For Life Club and get even greater benefits and personal help from me to improve your longterm health and movement.

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 “Remember the body is hard wired to move – it’s how you are moving that is key to health”